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E-commerce programming

E-Commerce can include any transactional web site or Electronic Commerce of any kind. Here we will define e-commerce as a web site where you can purchase items or services.

Internet merchandising can be a fascinating and exciting experience. However, it takes more than just posting your products to a web page and saying, "Here it is come and get it!"

Some Items to Consider

Web pages with shopping cart

Hosting with programming and database potential

Promotion such as Search Engine Promotion and advertising

Merchandise fulfillment (making sure your customer or client receives their product or service)

Email campaign and follow up programs

Merchant Credit Card (accepting credit card)

Secure Server

Traffic Analysis keeping track of where your traffic is coming from and how much per item your promotion is costing you

Optional auto ship programs

Optional Associates Programs

PAS Computers can help with the items above. We are highly skilled and efficient at PHP programming, database design and programming and Search Engine Promotion. And the hosting we use has all the languages and Secure Server needed for a successful e-commerce Internet business.

We use PasStats to supply you with the traffic information needed for educated promotions and web site maintenance.

We can also do the programming to connect to your own automatic Internet Merchant Credit Card account or design an interface for you to do a manual credit card transaction.

Corey Rudl

Corey Rudl is an Internet entrepreneur who has actually made it in the Internet Marketing business. There are not many individuals who can make that claim. I am going to recommend his report to those who want to learn more about how they can improve their online business.

The following paragraph has a link to Corey's site. I have to warn you that there is a lot of hype on the page. Also I need to mention here that I am signed up with his affiliate program, so if you would purchase his program, I get a commission from it.

I read the "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet" report many years ago and feel the report has some very sound and unique ideas on Internet marketing. The report is long and there is a lot of material that might not pertain to every one, but it is very interesting anyway.

This reading is recommended if you want to have a better handle on running your own online business or need some ideas on on how you might increase your online business. It is also a good source as a double check on recommendations or tips you receive from others.




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