Glacier Park Photos
Paul A. Spade
Glacier National Park photos

Glacier National Park photos

NEW! 18"x24" Photographic Poster Prints of Glacier National Park

Black Bear Cubs posters of Glacier National ParkNow you can enjoy the beauty of Glacier National with beautiful, detailed, photographic posters of Glacier National Park. Reasonably priced at $19.95, they make a beautiful gift for friends and relatives. You will treasure your photos of Logan Pass Wildflowers, Black Bear Cubs, Going to the Sun Highway, Mountain Goats of Glacier Park and Avalanche Gorge.

This 18"x24" Black Bear Cubs poster is a once in a lifetime shot of 2 black bear cubs show have climbed a dead tree just off the Going to the Sun Highway. Although shot from quite a distance the shot picks up the cute expression of the scared cub and even picks up a touch of glint in his eye.

Just $19.95 plus s/h


Going to the Sun Highway 18"x24"Photographic Poster Print

Going to the Sun Highway photographic posterBeautiful 18x24 Poster of Glacier National Park's famed Going to the Sun Highway by Montana Photographer, Paul A Spade. Photo includes wildflowers so common in July and August. A "Red Bus" approaching in the middle right. Logan Pass and Mt Clements are the background.

Glacier National Park, the "Crown of the Continent" is one of the most beautiful parks in the United States. Known for its sculpted mountain peaks that were carved from Glaciers sometimes on both sides of the mountain. Mt. Clements is one of the peaks.

The "Red Bus" has grown to be a symbol of Glacier Park. On a nice day, the drivers will open the top so you enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the park.

Just $19.95 plus s/h

Logan Pass Wildflowers 24"x18" Photographic Poster Print

Logan Pass wildflowers photographic poster printThe wildflowers in Glacier National Park are absolutely beautiful and worth your trip to Northwest Montana. Different wildflowers can be seen at different times of the summer.

This beautiful 24"x18" poster was created from a photograph shot from the Hidden Lake Trail just above Logan Pass. Although the Park has brilliant displays of wildflowers most every year, the photo in this poster was shot during an exceptionally beautiful season several years ago.

Just $19.95 plus s/h

Avalanche Gorge Wildflowers 14"x18" Photographic Poster Print

Avalanche Gorge posterAvalanche Gorge was created from the swift moving water of Avalanche Creek. This 18"x24" poster reveals the beautiful colors of different mosses and other plants growing on the side of the gorge. Be sure to click on the "Close up View web page" below to see the minute detail captured in this photo.

This shot was taken from the bridge crossing Avalanche Creek connecting the boardwalk of the Trail of the Cedars nature trail. This is a handicap accessible wooden trail loop starting and ending on Going to the Sun Highway. The trail also connects with the Avalanche Lake trail that runs parallel with Avalanche Creek.

Just $19.95 plus s/h

Mountain Goats of Glacier Park 18"x14" Poster Print

Mountain Goats of Glacier National ParkGlacier National Park is noted for its mountain goats and along with the Red Bus is often a symbol used in comments and advertisements of Glacier Park.

This 24"x18" poster includes a photo of a cute kid goat looking down at an adult mountain goat feeding. The adult is shaggy from shedding its heavy coat that was needed to survive the hard winters of the park.

"Although I have many photos of adult and kid mountain goats this one caught the cute expression of the young goat" said the photographer Paul A. Spade.

Other photographs

Granite Park trail up from the loop
Granite Park Chalet Trail

Granite Chalet and Trail from the Loop

On the hike up to Granite Park, I took photos of the magnificent scenery, Granite Park Chalet and some photos of wildflower.

Lake McDonald
Lake Mcdonald

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald photos on a clear, calm day shows beautiful reflections of the mountain ranges and forest.

Wildflowers on Granite Park trail
Trail to Granite Park from Loop

Wild flowers along Granite Park trail from the Loop.

Sun Point Nature TrailSun Point Nature Trail

Beautiful images of Sun Point Trail running along the shores of Saint Mary Lake with shots including shoreline cliffs, the magnificent mountain peaks of Glacier National Park, Glacier Park wild flowers and on one shot, St. Mary's Falls in the background. Also included in this section is the Wild Goose Island photo, Paul Spade's rendition of the photo that has been on postcards and travel brochures throughout the world.

St Mary Lake Saint Mary Lake

Saint Mary Lake was captured in all it's glory when Paul A Spade caught the lake at a perfect calm. The sky was a rich blue and the sun situated just right to saturate the sky and create the perfect reflection of Glacier National Parks mountains, forested shoreline and a few signature clouds. The crystal clear, calm water allowed the presence of the stone lake bottom to be photographed almost as if the were on the surface.

MG Hotel Many Glacier

(Many Glacier click )

Many Glacier Hotel was captured on another beautiful day with saturated blue sky and the colorful magnificent mountains in the background. In other shots the perfectly calm waters of Swiftcurrent Lake allowed a capture of mountain, forested shoreline and fine cloud reflections so perfect it almost makes the real and reflection indistinguishable

Cedar TrailTrail of the Cedars

Trail of the Cedars Nature Trail

An easy trail, boardwalk most of the way and wheel chair accessible, this trail takes you through a stand of cedar trees along the Avalanche Creek. I highly recommend you take some time to look at the scenery every step of the way so you don't miss anything.

Kintla Kintla and Bowman Lake Area

The Bowman and Kintla Lake areas have 2 camp areas on the lakes. The connecting road between the two lakes goes through a prairie area with beautiful view of the Mountain Ranges.



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