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Granite Park Chalet from the Loop Trail

The Loop Trail starts starts at the switchback turn ( The Loop, elevation 4,297' ) on Going To The Sun road 8 miles west of Logan Pass. This hike has a 2,249' elevation gain in 4 miles. To me it was a difficult climb at the time because I was not in shape. It was, however, breathtaking and awe inspiring.

The collection of Granite Park Chalet photos is available in a limited edition of signed, fine 18"x22"prints. Click on the images for a larger view. Two screensavers are also available, one of the scenery and the other of wildflowers found along the path. We have available online right now a Subscription to Glacier Park Screensavers.

You can order any of the images by calling TOLL FREE 877-229-3414 or 406-892-4484. We are creating a shopping cart at this time and should have this completed soon for those that want to purchase online. We accept MasterCard and Visa.

Order number GraniteChalet_001 Price $90.00 18"x12" Print only
The wildflowers along the way were beautiful. This "Purple Flower" (I believe is a Harebell?) was plentiful in certain areas. I am not very good at botany, so please excuse me if I am incorrect on the species. The only thing I know for sure about the wildflowers of Glacier National Park is that they are beautiful. I have created two Screensavers of this trip, one of the scenery and the other of wildflowers.

Order number
GraniteChalet_005 Price $90.00 18"x12" Print only
This wildflower was also plentiful in places. I believe it is a Parry's Townsendia, but there again if any one out there knows for sure, please email with with your correction and what the distinguishing feature is.

Order number Granite
Chalet_006 Price $90.00 18"x12" Print only
This is a photo of one of the breathtaking views you get on just about every step of the way one you clear the lower tree line.

Order number
Granite Chalet_015 Price $90.00 18"x12" Print only
Another incredible sight, the yellow flowers in the foreground (I believe might be Hop Clover but am not at all sure) add a lot of color to the beautiful mountain scene in the background.

Order number Granite Chalet_037 Price $90.00 18"x12" Print only
This red or pink flower I believe is some kind of Paintbrush, probably an Indian Paintbrush.

Order number Granite Chalet_038 Price $90.00 18"x12" Print only
Another wildflower, this yellow flower I believe is an Arnica. Very pretty and found in abundance along the path.

Order number
Granite Chalet_059 Price $90.00 18"x12" Print only
This is taken from in just front of the Chalet.

Order number
Granite Chalet_017 Price $90.00 18"x12" Print only
This shot was taken from the trail. You can see some of the purple flowers that I called Harebell in the foreground.

Order number Granite Chalet_048 Price $90.00 18"x12" Print only
Here I am at the Chalet at last. This view is what you see on the last steps of the trail.

Order number Granite Chalet_048 Price $90.00 18"x12" Print only
This is a view from the Chalet looking out over the valley and Mountain range. What a sight!

Preview Screensaver of Granite Park Chalet trail from the Loop

The summer of 2003 has brought wildfires into Glacier National Park, and periodic closure of this beautiful stretch of road over the continental divide. For those who did not get a chance to see the scenes of Mountains, valleys, waterfalls, the weeping wall and beautiful wildflowers and animals, I would like to suggest that you purchase our ten screensaver cd of the different areas of Glacier National Park. Included on the cd are also 10 background images of the different areas in 800x600 resolution. We also have a subscription membership where you can download unlimited screensavers and background images for up to one year.

We accept Master card and Visa. All CD's are shipped via US Post Office. The CD is $19.95 and the shipping and handling is an added $5.95 (Continental US). The one year membership to PAS Traveler is $29.95 per year.

All photos are available as stock photos in resolutions from 400x600 to 2500x1700 (approximate) and can be downloaded, sent by email (smaller images only, some large images are 10 mb or more) or shipped on CD via mail or we can set up a special FTP download directory if you are purchasing more than 1 image. Prints are shipped via UPS, normally within 7 days of ordering. Shipping and handling is $19.95 extra.

18x12 anodized aluminum frames (black) are available for an additional $39.00 (plus shipping)

All photos are ©Copyright 2017 Paul A. Spade and must not be used for personal distribution or commercial use.

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