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Hosting for Montana web sites

Web hosting is the last thing some people consider on their web site.

We at PAS Computers take web hosting for granted because we deal with a great companis and never have any problems. We have used our main hosting company since 1997. Reliability, programming languages, uptime, backup, database availability, support and secure server are all things we take into consideration before price.

Reliability - Uptime - Support

Our hosting company (from here on referred to as OHC) has proven to us their reliability and stability over a period of 6 years. They offer over 99% uptime. The only times we have had any downtime has been from Internet interruptions elsewhere. If there is a problem, I can always contact support and get an answer the same day.

In this day of ever changing hosting, one company buys out another etc. it is nice to deal with the same company year after year and talk to the same support person every time I call. Setup is done correctly every time I purchase hosting for a new client.

Programming languages

OHC provides us with the languages we need, PHP (programming language) and My SQL (database). If needed they also have Perl and C available. Many free scripting programs are also available but we prefer to do our own scripting and programming.


Backup is done daily, so if there is a major catastrophe, getting back in business should be a fairly simple process.

Secure Server

Although not every site needs a Secure Server initially, secure server is included with the price of the basic hosting package so when you are ready, they are too.


The pricing is very reasonable, probably less expensive than sites that do not have any of the above features. We have several packages available including:

50 meg hosting

100 meg hosting

150 meg hosting

300 meg hosting

Dedicated server

so please call 406-892-4484 for a quote


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