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Search Engine optimization (SEO) and promotion is a trade and art all in itself. Most pages that are in good search engine positions are there for reason, either because they purchased a sponsored position or because the search engine criteria was met by that page. We specialize in SEO for Montana Companies.

Every search engine has its own criteria for placing your page in a good position and that criteria changes constantly. To be able to know about and keep up with those changes would be too much for 1 full time person.

Along comes some help

We use Web CEO to help with our search engine optimization. The program helps keep track of all the new criteria and also helps us create monthly reports for our clients. Even with Web CEO, it is still an enormous task to keep each site up to date and competitive with the other sites wanting those top positions.

If you are going to try to do Search Engine Promotion I suggest 2 things:

Our Montana Search Engine Promotion Program

I think you will find on any given day that we are in the top ten (if not 1st place) for key phrases pertaining to SEO! Now you can't be in first place position for every key phrase there is, so you need to ask yourself, what phrases do you want people to find you with. For our site we chose phrases like:

Because those are the phrases that describe the products and services that we offer. You will notice that we created a page for each key phrase we want to describe to our potential clients.

We have also done an outstanding job for our Search engine optimization and promotion clients. We take special efforts in each and every web site we promote. Every site has its own special challenges.

Although we offer a guarantee on all our contracts to give you a certain number of key phrase positions in the top ten, we do not stop there. The guarantee is for 10 key phrase top ten positions. We have met the guarantee for every client we have worked for. In most cases we have gone over 5 times the guarantee. We have one client where we had over 200 key phrase top ten positions.

Our search engine promotion includes:

  1. Optimization of pages including
    • Title
    • Meta keyword
    • Meta description
    • Page optimization for key phrases.
    • Pages are optimized to Web Position Gold Page Critic
  2. Submittal of pages to most popular search engines
    • Once the initial submittal is in good position, we submit to all the major search engines that do not charge for inclusion or position
    • Basic contract does not include paid for inclusion or pay per click search engines but is available as an option.
  3. Monthly we run Web CEO Reporter and send a positioning report so you can keep up on the results as time goes on
    • If needed we will optimize again to try to obtain better result.
    • Web CEO automatically updates our program as new criteria becomes available. When this happens, we check your pages again with the Page Critic and if needed we make the proper adjustments and resubmit.
  4. We check your site stats for traffic analysis to make sure your positioning is doing you some good. We highly recommend Google Analytics, but if you do not go with PASStats, as part of the contract we must have access to whatever traffic analysis software you go with. That is the only way this whole search engine promotion is going to do you some good. If "some good phrase" is in 1st position and you are getting 0 hits from it and "another good phrase" is in 10th position and bringing you 20 unique visitors a day to your site, we need to check to see if we can get better positioning for "another good phrase".
    • We are also constantly monitoring your Traffic analysis program for sudden drops in traffic, which could indicate a problem somewhere. I have had times when I checked positioning the first day of a drop in traffic and found simple problems that caused large drop in traffic. This monitoring of traffic is only available with the search engine package and a GOOD traffic analysis program. GOOD does not mean server stats or page counters that come with the web site as they normally do not include the highly technical information needed.

Overall we would like you to know that the SEO contract is not just a "Do your job and relax" type of contract. Most of the labor calculated in a search engine contract is expended in the first month of the contract,but there is still a great deal of monitoring and adjusting as time goes on.

Although we specialize in Montana SEO (search engine optimization), we can also help sites outside of Montana with their SEO needs.

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