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Flash multimedia development for web sites and desktop applications

Flash is our choice of Internet multi media production tools. Flash is one of the only browser extension programs that comes packaged with most of the major browsers. In addition, we feel that Flash is the most trouble free multi media tools available today.

In 2001 and again in 2003 we received the Golden Web Award for our Flash productions.

PAS Computers uses some sort of Flash production in many of the sites we do. From a simple morphing photo or slide show to a full multi media production with sound and movement, Flash can be utilized to draw attention to your product or idea also.

Flathead Valley Golf Association course movie

The movie starts out with a golf ball being hit out of Texas and circles the world a couple times before coming back down to the Flathead Valley. It then passes by a boat sailing on Flathead Lake and going through the mountains of Glacier National Park. The site tours all nine championship golf course of the Flathead Valley. Background music is a Vivaldi concerto giving the tour a happy mood.

Flathead Valley Golf Association area movie

The movie starts with a picture of a Glacier National Park Lake and the sounds of gentle wave splashing the shoreline. Click on "Start Movie" and you go to some mysterious music with a shadow view of some mountains and a Narration "Millions of years ago...".

After the first scene you go into some dynamic panning views of mountains, waterfall, and even an eagle flying through a mountain canyon, closing the movie with his echoing screech.

Buffalo Hill course tour (click on course tour)

This short movie starts out with a sunrise over the mountains of Flathead Valley Montana. I utilize a dynamic music clip to further enhance the mood. Then a swoosh of the golf club hitting a ball and an upbeat music with a tour of some of the aspects of the club. The music goes to a relaxed clip when you enter the restaurant. Close to the end we see a picture of Glacier National Park. The final scene is an exciting par three hole with some moving clouds above.

Flathead Travel movie (click on MONTANA MOVIE) is my latest movie of Northwest Montana. The movie starts out with a comparison of physical size of Montana with Countries of Europe and then states the population of Montana smaller than the larger cities of Europe. Then the Flash movie shows some beautiful photos of the area. Throughout the movie several music loops are playing including a haunting loop that will leave you with the feeling that "Montana is calling you".

Other Flash designs by PAS Computers

Montana Real Estate header with moving clouds over mountains

Northwest Montana photo slide show

Glacier National Park photo slide show (This is a large file meant for DSL)

Morph a house design into a real house.

Golf slide show that ends in a panoramic view

PAS Computers has done many, many more Flash slide shows and movies.



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