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PHP and JavaScript web Site Programming

Paul Spade has been doing programming since 1983 when he developed one of the first heat loss/gain calculation programs for the PC. We now utilize programming skills for web applications and scripts to make the web site more interactive. Listed below are some of those applications.

Sites like utilize dynamic page construction from database. The database can be changed when you add, modify or delete products and then the products pages and category pages are automatically update.

PAS Stats web-site statistical counter

PAS Stats was created to keep track of page views, referrers, search engine key words, browser types and much more for web sites. The programming allows a small JavaScript script to send the information to PAS Stats' server. You can then access this information through a password protected access.

Flathead Valley Golf Association Golfers Guide registration

We send out a Free Golfers Guide of the associations 9 member golf clubs.

I have also created a browser based email program, where we fill out a form for the subject line and body and then it sends email to all everyone who has sign up for additional information. This can be sorted by date of sign-up or sent to everyone.

Lama Registry I create and maintain all programs for the International Lama Registry.L.

Golf Tee Time reservations

This program takes tee time reservations and keeps the information in a database and also sends an email confirmation to both the golfer and to the administrator.

Links program

This is a browser base program that utilizes PHP and MySQL to allow entry of new categories and new links to a related links page. This gives you the opportunity to exchange links with other sites without needing costly page updates

Calendar Program is a browser based program that allows you to enter events and dates and categories. It then displays a page with the events sorted by date. When an event is past, it discontinues that event.

Message program is a browser based program allowing an entry of a message for the day or multiple messages. The surfer then can choose which message he/she wishes to view.

Ancestry program allows entry and sorting of genealogy. This utilizes a PHP program and MySQL database.

Contractor program allows for Browser based entry of client information and presentation in your own password protected area. Keep your clients up to date on the progress of the construction with photos and text. You can set up unlimited clients with unlimited number of pages.

If you have an idea chances are we can do it.


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Although we work nationally we specialize in Montana web design and development, PHP programming, Adobe Flash and web and print photography especially for the travel related, real estate and construction industries.

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